How to Find a Realtor – Selling Your Home

by Karen Stang

How to find a Realtor – selling your home or simply thinking about the future? Finding a Realtor who’s right for YOU is key! Read on for our tips!

“I have a buyer for your home!”

Have you ever heard this from a Realtor? Or received a postcard in the mail from a Realtor stating they have a buyer for your home or buyer(s) interested in purchasing a home in your neighborhood? Likely we all have at one time or another. For many Realtors, this is honest outreach; however, some Realtors use this as a marketing strategy to find new sellers, and they may not even have a buyer! If so, this agent may or may not be the best Realtor for you! Here a are a few tips to find out and decide which Realtor is right for YOU! 

Showing and Compensation Agreement

If an agent states they have a buyer for your home, a creative tool
for you – the seller – to use is called a Showing and Compensation Agreement. This is a signed agreement exclusive to that specific buyer. The agent is able to show their buyer your home, and if the buyer successfully closes on your property, the seller pays the buyer’s agent a commission.

The key part here is that you are NOT signing a contract for exclusive representation by this Realtor. This means if that specific buyer falls through, you are not obligated to list your home with that Realtor. If the agent truly has a buyer, using a Showing and Compensation Agreement allows you to have access to that buyer without being tied to that agent! 

find a realtor contracts signing and discussion

Additional Tools for Finding the Best Realtor

If you decide to list your home for sale with a Realtor, choose an agent who not only has access to potential buyers, but in addition, can outline the following for you:

  • Ask for a custom marketing plan, in writing!
    • It’s important to have a plan of action if a potential buyer does not work out. This way you know what to expect from that agent for advertising, marketing, open houses and more! 
  • Ask for an agent’s statistics!
    • Many agents do not know their personal or company statistics on selling homes. How do they compare to other agents? How does their firm compare to others in the area? 
  • Ask about the agent’s network!
    • What type of network do they have and how will they use it to showcase your home?
    • Are they active within their Realtor Association?
    • Do they attend other agents’ open houses?
    • What agencies do they work with to share listings besides the MLS? 
  • Ask about non-MLS listings!
    • How do they find non-MLS listings and these agents? This is especially important on the flip or buyer’s side so your agent can find the buyers that have already seen all the other homes on the market. Sharing your home and it’s unique qualities is important so you don’t “leave money on the table”.

The market adjusts over time just as the seasons and economy change. Make sure your Realtor not only has access to valid buyers but is also experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful!! More questions? Contact one of our knowledgeable Realtors today!

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