Unique Tips for Selling Your Home

by Hannah Johnson

Selling your home? You are finally ready to list your house on the market, but where do you start? Small changes can make a big difference. Check out our unique tips to help your listing stand out!  

Update Old Light Fixtures

Are your light fixtures outdated or in rough shape? This is an easy upgrade that won’t break your bank, plus it makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home.

  • Choose universal lights that won’t go out of style OR choose what’s currently on trend
  • Avoid gaudy, quirky, or lights that are “ahead of their time”
  • Stay classic or current

Still unsure which lights would be best when you’re in the lighting aisle at the home improvement store? Ask your Realtor!

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Clean What You Normally Don’t 

We all have our typical cleaning routines, but when selling your home, you should go above and beyond. Wipe down your light switches (they can get surprisingly dirty!). Clean the interior of your refrigerator and your stove. Wipe down the exteriors of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Spot clean the walls. Clear away cobwebs, even in your utility room. These may seem small, but you’d be surprised what buyers will notice. 

Remove Extra Furniture 

Your living room or family room can seat your family, extended family, neighbors, and more! However, when selling your home, it’s best to have minimal furniture so that your home feels larger. Keep the basics like a couch, end table, and possibly a coffee table (depending on the size of the room). Store any extra lounging chairs, ottomans, or end tables, if possible (the garage is a viable option for tidy storage).

Paint, Paint, Paint


Who really enjoys painting? Far and few between. So don’t leave that to the buyer. Grab some neutral paint and get started. If your home has more warm tones, then stick with a light cream or beige; if your home has cooler tones, then go with that light grey. The lighter the tone – the better – even if it’s close to white! Take down pictures, patch the walls, and touch up your paint. Don’t have the same paint anymore? You can bring a sample from your wall to the paint store to get a close match.  

selling your home luxury living room

Make Those Repairs

Is one of your kitchen cabinets loose? Have you been meaning to change that burnt out lightbulb? Or what about that missing trim piece in the basement? You want to make the buyer feel like they can move right in without a long list of “minor” repairs. Minor repairs may be easy, but there’s still a reason we procrastinate doing them. You know your home better than anyone, so make a list of the small repairs you’ve been meaning to get to and finally get them done!

These are just a few steps you can take to make your home shine! Meeting with a professional Realtor can give you a more comprehensive plan to prepare your home to sell. Contact us to learn more! 

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