Valentine’s Day Tips & Sweets

by the Carriage Crew, featuring JoAnn Gordon-Anderson of Nani's Sweets

valentine's day

Are you in need of creative ideas for sharing warmth and love with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! Our team has some sweet ideas!

You can never go wrong with a handwritten “love” note! Share how that person brightens your day! Then, find a creative spot to place it, perhaps somewhere unexpected like the driver’s seat of their car, in their laptop case, or in the refrigerator! We guarantee the surprise will be appreciated.

Snail mail Valentines! You still have time! Especially with most correspondence being electronic these days, people love finding personal mail in their mailbox. A cute card is priceless and often treasured!

Treats are synonymous with Valentine’s Day! Check out the amazing sweets featured below from Nani’s Sweets! Nani is the “grandma name” given to JoAnn by her oldest grandchild and means “beautiful” or “splendor.” Her name is fitting in so many ways, and we certainly are in awe of JoAnn’s talents! We think these goodies will help you warm hearts, as well as bring a smile to the faces of those you care for and love! 

valentine's day
Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs
valentine's day
Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods
valentine's day
Heart Shadow Box
valentine's day
Chocolate Dipped Oreos
valentine's day
Valentines Sugar Cookies

Reach out to JoAnn at Nani’s Sweets:! Order by February 1st! Find her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn: @nanissweetsllc

While Nani’s can help you with the gift, you have the opportunity to personalize it.

Hang it from your neighbor’s front door, and then text them! What a cute surprise! 

Share with the elderly!

Don’t forget about those who might not have a spouse or partner this year!

Drop off sweets for your hair stylist, piano teacher, or favorite store owner. Be creative, and let your thoughtfulness spread joy and cheer!

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! You make us smile!