First-Time Home Buyer Tips

by Karen Stang

The last two years have impacted us in unique ways. Many flocked to real estate to change their “pandemic” home. If you find yourself dreaming of a different space and are a firsttime home buyer, the process doesn’t need to be intimidating. Our tips will help you tackle buying a home with confidence!

Choose a Realtor before you start shopping!
Don’t let the house determine who you work with. Choose a Realtor who understands first-time home buyers!

Have a buyer’s consultation.
Your Realtor should explain the entire process before you start shopping. A clear understanding of expectations will reduce stress.

Location, location, location!
Do your research so you can see the value and different amenities within each neighborhood! It can be challenging to make decisions if you don’t understand the area or demand due to the location.

Prior to viewing a home, a few important considerations:

Be pre-approved before viewing any homes!
A mortgage pre-approval helps you understand how much you can borrow and also makes you a more attractive buyer to the sellers. Many sellers require a pre-approval letter before accepting an offer. We can recommend 3 amazing lenders to help you “shop” your financing! Y
our lender should offer first-time home buyer funding, grants, loans, etc.

Review the MLS information and all supplements.
Educate yourself to decide if a home is worth seeing in person.

Review the Truth-in-Sale Housing (TISH) report.
The TISH is a broad overview of the observed condition of a home’s structure, fixtures, etc., and is required by certain Twin Cities metro areas before a home can be marketed for sale. The TISH may reveal details about a home that make you change your mind, thus saving you time and energy!

View the house photos online, and re-check!
Photos may be added closer to the showing date due to the photographer’s availability. Photos can tell a story! 

Drive by the home.
Driving by the home gives you a sense of the neighborhood setting. Power lines, commercial property next door, or other non-highlighted features may change your opinion!

During a showing, a little kindness goes a long way! Please follow the seller’s instructions, such as to remove shoes, use sanitizer, etc. Be on time and stay within your time frame for showings.

Our SUPER AGENTS will listen and guide you through your home buying journey. This is all part of Carriage Realty’s commitment to provide quality, individualized service for our clients. Thinking of buying a home for the first time? We would be honored to help.