Radon Testing – Why It’s Important

by Karen Stang

Don’t skip a radon test!

Paying for a complete home inspection, plus sewer lines, radon, and more can be costly. It might be tempting to skip these tests in order to lessen your home-buying expenses; however, if your new home has high levels of radon, you will want to take action. Knowledge is power!

What is Radon? 
Radon is an oderless, colorless gas that comes from the ground and has been proven to cause cancer. A radon test is the only way to determine if there are high levels of radon in the home. If the seller has not tested for radon and does not know, nothing will be noted in the Seller’s Disclosure, so it is up to the buyer to test for it. Make sure you talk to your Realtor and inspector about options and timing. 

What if radon levels are problematic?
High radon levels are anything above 4 pCi/L. If your radon test shows high levels, mitigation is simple. You can either proceed with the inspection (home purchase) and install a mitigation system once you move in or the seller can agree to install a mitigation system before closing. Some lenders will require a mitigation system be installed once it is known that radon levels are high. Additionally, once the seller is made aware, the seller must now disclose this to any other potential buyers. Most sellers are willing to install a mitigation system prior to close because buyers see this as the seller’s responsibility and will often chose to walk away from a home with high radon levels. 

Already in your home?
Test kits are available through the State of MN or reach out to one of our preferred inspectors.  

Your health is worth it! Don’t skip this important step when considering a home purchase. 

Our SUPER AGENTS can recommend our preferred radon mitigation companies, which can be found in our Carriage Concierge. Just ask! This is all part of Carriage Realty’s commitment to provide quality, individualized service for our clients. We would be honored to help.