Radon: Common Myths Debunked

by Tyler Dahl

Just Like Bigfoot, There Are Many Myths About Radon. 

Here are the four myths about radon I’ve heard most during my inspection career. Read on for the facts and to learn why it’s important not to skip a radon test.

Myth 1 – New Construction Homes Do Not Need A Radon Test

Even though new homes may incorporate required methods to minimize radon, it doesn’t mean that anyone has tested the actual radon level. While levels may typically be lower on newer homes, without testing, you truly do not know what level of radon is actually coming into the home and possibly being trapped in the tightly-built home. Both new and old homes need to be tested to determine if radon levels are at 4.0 pCi/L or greater, which is the EPA action level.

radon entering home

MYTH 2 – Homes on a Slab or with a Walkout Basement Don’t Need Testing

We find high levels of radon in homes with all types of foundations – slab, poured foundations, block foundations, and basements both with and without walkouts. Radon testing should be completed on all homes regardless of foundation type to ensure everyone’s safety.


MYTH 3 – My Neighbor’s House Tested Low for Radon so Mine is OK

Radon levels can vary greatly from home to home, even on the same street. The only way to know if your home has high radon levels is to test it. The condition or amount of cracks in the slab and walls can vary greatly from home to home.

MYTH 4 – Radon Testing Will Complicate My Transaction

Realtors who suggest a radon test for their clients show that they care about their client’s health, not just the sale. And beyond the health concern, skipping a radon test can create larger issues should a home test high when clients are ready to sell. Homeowners can be faced with the expense of installing a mitigation system in order to make their home sellable. It’s much better to address a radon problem up front than to close your eyes and hope it doesn’t exist. 

In Summary – 

Radon is easy to test and easy to fix. The National Association of REALTORS® recommends radon testing for both buyers and sellers. For more information, reach out to your favorite Carriage Realty Realtor OR to one of our favorite inspectors, Tyler Dahl! We’re happy to help answer any questions and make the process easy for you. 

Your health is worth it! Don’t skip this important step.