Top Tips for First Year Dorm Life

by Meg Skaret

Beginning your first year of college is exciting, but the added responsibilities and to-do lists that come with living on your own for the first time can be intimidating. Amazon was my best friend throughout my year in the dorms to quickly purchase items I forgot to bring. As someone who just finished her freshman year, here are my top essentials for your first year of college! 

* Phone Wallet *

My school’s student IDs are essential to college life. You use your student ID for important tasks such as paying for your meals at the dining hall, opening your dorm room, and receiving a package. I had many friends who would misplace their IDs or forget them in their rooms. Having a wallet on the back of my phone was a life saver. I was able to keep my school ID, drivers license and debit card safe on the back of my phone, and since my phone was with me at all times, so was my all-important school ID. This meant I was never locked out of my room nor had to pay a fee to get back in. 

* Dish Bin *

If you bring reusable dishes, you will soon discover that washing them in your dorms lounge is a larger task than you think. My roommate and I hated doing this, so we would accumulate quite the collection of coffee mugs, which meant multiple trips to and from the sink. To make this easier, I would suggest a small, plastic bin to transport your dishes. It may sound ridiculous, and you may ask why not just promptly do your dishes, but when the time comes, you will be thankful for a dish bin. 

* Amazon Prime *

No matter how many college packing lists you review, there is always going to be something overlooked. So, as someone who loves to online shop and who is also incredibly forgetful, Amazon Prime became my best friend. Whether it was ordering supplies for an art class or impulse buying a disco ball for my room, Amazon was perfect for the job.  

* Be Flexible and Creative *

Ultimately, two of the most important traits for approaching your freshman year are flexibility and creativity. When I decided to buy a disco ball for my room one midnight in the middle of the year, yes Amazon was on my side, but did Amazon tell me to make sure I had a way to hang it from the ceiling? No, Amazon did not. So when the disco ball arrived, I had to get creative. I cut the elastic from a mask and used that to tie the disco ball to my ceiling. While most people will not go through this exact experience, my point still stands. As you go to college, remember to keep an open mind, do your best to be prepared, and utilize Amazon whenever you’re not.